Vans Warped Tour 2013

Visiting one city at a time, the Vans Warped Tour brings out the people that strive to be different, expressing themselves through their fashion choices, art on their skin and what music they blast through their earbuds. This isn’t a festival where people waste time in the parking lot sucking down beer, but rather they herd into line at the gate, waiting to be set free into a world they can explore in every summer. The thumping beat of their life-saving music is more than just a genre, it’s a lifestyle. We’ve all heard pop-punk is dead, but here it isn’t. These “warped” people go through every year waiting for when the Vans-sponsored concert series stops in a city near them.

Warped Tour isn’t just a collaboration of some garage high school bands that kids listen to in order to feel rebellious. No, this tour is a mix-and-match of music of all genres that listeners praise because of the bands’ deep sense of understanding and connection to each and every one of their fans.

With bands of all genres – screamo, metal, punk, ska, rap and hip hop, to DJ – many bands appreciate the tour for all that it is just as much as the fans do.

Nathaniel Motte of the electronic pop duo 3OH!3 said the best part of Warped Tour is the involvement from everyone.

“It breaks down the walls between the fans and the bands,” Motte said.

And with nine+ stages set up around Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, all blaring music, surrounded by die-hard fans, sponsored tents with discounted merch and scheduled band signings, how could one not get involved?

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