Capturing Nature’s Beauty with Vacationer Apr25


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Capturing Nature’s Beauty with Vacationer

With spanning imagery of the beautiful world that surrounds us, Vacationer has been telling the story of what it really means to be part of this planet. Their music only enhances this vision, and helps paint the earth even more vividly. With their electronic, indie folk sound it seems odd that such an amazing act is shrouded in mystery.

“We left things pretty ambiguous,” admits Kenny Vasoli, vocalist and bass player of Vacationer. Vasoli isn’t exactly unknown in the alternative music world; he is the front man of pop-punk group The Starting Line and rock outlet Person L.  “It was a conscious decision. I wanted people to focus on just the music itself rather than the people that were making it.”

The effects have been mystifying. The band combines elements of a vast array of genres and samples from some interesting places to portray what it’s like to explore nature’s vast beauty.

“We sampled so much from Polynesian and Island Erotica records,” Vasoli says. “We just like world beauty; awe inspiring landscapes really go into our music. Through things like Instagram we always try to capture that aspect of touring as much as we can. We always have had this fascination with our imagery, like the things on our website.”

The images that Vasoli and Vacationer attach to their music and the band’s persona are inspiring; the sweeping landscape shots on the band’s Website and album depict the real beauty of the earth and some of the greatest reasons to live on the road.

“When Matt Young went out with us on tour with The Asteroids Galaxy Tour playing keys and sample roll,” Vasoli says, “he did a lot of photography and he shot the picture that’s on the cover of our record. He’s really good with landscapes.”

Matt Young and Grant Wheeler of Body Language co-write and produce Vacationer’s music with Vasoli. Through Young’s images and the combined efforts of the trio they have made a project that sticks in the minds of its listeners— the rapid growth of their Facebook following is nothing shy of impressive. Young and Wheeler are also at the heart of the band from its most fertile stages.

“I met Matt and Grant on kind of a blind date session and expressed an interest in working with people in the electronic world; I’ve really become intrigued by it,” Vasoli says. “I wanted to see what went into making that side of music and what would come out in collaboration. I got ahold of some Body Language tracks and inquired about working with them. Since the first session there has just been this really easy, creative flow. We finished up the song ‘Great Love’ that’s on the record that first session.”

Vacationer’s current tour make-up consists of drummer Ryan Zimmaro, keyboard player Mike Mullin, and guitarist Greg Altman. The band has been on a western US tour with The Naked and Famous since March launching from SXSW and will continue into the Midwest in May with Tennis.

For Vasoli, Vacationer is not just another project, but a sort of release:  “I wanted an escape from the normal stuff I’ve been doing, really an escape from the loud-volume style rock and roll. It’s been a great escape for me and it’s like that when you listen to (the album)—the Vacationer name kind of came out of that. (The band’s name) is completely trying to capture the spirit of what this project really is.”

“I think that we stumbled across a sound with this and we follow along with that vibe with everything else we do,” Vasoli says. “I wanna keep as true to that as much as possible because we are really interested in the sound that we managed to come across.”

“I think that there is some intrigue in coming out like that;” Vasoli says, “being mysterious and holding back information.”




By Nick Will