State Champs & Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck

Hometown heroes State Champs played to a sold out crowd in Clifton Park, NY on Sunday along with co-headliner Neck deep, and Knuckle Puck. Friends, fans and parents flocked to Upstate Concert Hall, packing the venue door to barricade for the last show of the AP Tour.

The crowd was vivacious from the beginning; Knuckle Puck took the stage after Like Pacific and had the room jumping, waving and singing along while the floor was still filling in. Cell phones lit the air and hands swayed back and forth, creating a strong sense of unity between the band itself and the audience as a whole. An encouraging welcome to late comers, their energy and presence as performers engaged the audience who responded with their words, body language and a lot of jumping.

The crowd ushered Neck Deep on with chants and screams. The pop-punk British boy band fed the crowd sincerity and high energy from the start, opening their set with a discussion about the support they had to offer for those struggling with depression before launching into their totally encompassing set. Lead singer, Ben Barlow, went so far as to burp into the mic while talking. How’s that for sincerity? But overall, their catchy songs and stage demeanor had fans at their most excited.

The venue was ready to burst by the time State Champs came on. The crowd started screaming as soon as their

Around the World and Back branded banner was visible. Fans, friends and family welcomed their local-turned-national band home with abundant energy, met by no shortage of excitement from the band itself. Pumping out hits like “Secrets”, “All You are is History” and “Losing Myself” from their new album Around the World and Back, the band had everyone captivated.

They jumped and twirled and swapped spaces on stage, engaging and entertaining the crowd with their dynamics. Lead singer, Derek DiScanio, started “If I’m Lucky” acoustic, the whole band quietly resuming their places on stage before coming in together strong at the end. You can see in their performance the work they’ve put in, constantly touring and working over the last 5 years. There’s bound to be a lot more Sold Out shows in their future, just make sure you get a ticket next time!