Sleepy Turtles – Summer, Hither (EP)

Sleepy Turtles’ new EP Summer, Hither brings forth music which thrives in enhancing the senses of listeners.  While incorporating minor aspects of the 1960’s “British Biscuit” groups, Sleepy Turtles mainly keeps American folk music alive by creating enlightening experiences of guitar plucking and foot tapping.  The opening track “Summer, Hither” slightly moonlights in the British charisma of 60’s songwriters Peter and Gordon, creating the relaxed mood of laying on a field of grass and gazing endlessly at the clouds.  The warm smell of the summer heat and delicate fragrance of plants will undoubtedly linger beneath the noses of listeners as the music paints a clear illustration of a bright and vibrant day.  The vocals are a chorus of floating melodies which drift like the passing clouds of summer, as the elegant guitar picking drives the folk oriented element of the band.

“Morning Song” incorporates harmonies in which The Eagles may have sung in their prime, combining a series of low and high vocals over a rising banjo lick that shines during the intro.  The layered vocals strongly act as different personalities, presenting listeners with a difficult task of deciding which part is ultimately more soothing.  Throughout the entire EP, the drums are one of the most surprising factors as they precisely come in and add various textures towards enhancing the songs.  Using a floor drum tom to rhythmically act like the pulse of a heart, “Morning Song” is a perfect example of how Sleepy Turtles’ music comes to life. “Natures Hymn” justly continues in the theme of sensationalizing the seasons and all that being outdoors brings.  Distinguished as more of a hippie track to the EP, the alluring slide guitar stamps the song with a country mark of approval.  “Reason to Hope” is a beautiful transition towards the previous song as the motif of the sun is dominant once again.  The guitars are rather haunting as the vocals fade into a lowered whisper of discontent and confusion towards being able to see clearly.  This five minute saga is the definite highlight of the record as it partially departs from the expected delightful rejoicing and strumming.

The vocals on the last song “Being Small” truly takes on a unique form of nature.  The melody has the power to change emotions in an instant, posing as a radiant sun while also having the capability to suddenly downpour.  The final lyrics “I remember being small” calls back the less painful days of childhood and not dealing with heartache.  The ending track stays true to the EP, as the song’s demeanor slowly moves into the dread of the approaching colder seasons.

Summer, Hither can be most enjoyed through headphones in order to fully comprehend all the talent that is taking place.  The EP is a must have for any listeners who love being outside, especially on a porch gazing at the passing summer sun.  Sleepy Turtles succeeds in bringing a sense of both relaxation and satisfaction to the ears, creating a unique blend of music which will evidently last any time of the year.

“Summer, Hither” Track Listing:

1.)  Summer, Hither
2.) Morning Song
3.) Nature’s Hymn
4.) A Reason To Hope
5.) Being Small


By Nick DeLibero