Review: Foxy Shazam at Town Ballroom

Since 2004, this Cincinnati-based band has been rocking out venues and entertaining ever-growing audiences with their jazzy-rock alternative beats.

On June 25, Foxy Shazam took over Buffalo’s Town Ballroom, drawing in fans of all shapes and sizes for the same reason: to listen to Foxy’s new and old music, while watching one helluva sildenafil farmacias show.

Foxy isn’t the kind of band that takes their places, strums their strings, beats their drums, sings their notes and then calls it a night. No. Schuyler Vaughn White does handstands while playing his keyboard, Alex Nauth dances all over the stage while playing his trumpet, Daisy Caplan and Loren Daniel Turne hold guitars above their heads, Aaron McVeigh bashes his symbols off of Eric Sean Nally head who was endlessly flipping and rolling and jumping around the stage while singing songs from all of their albums.

It wasn’t just a concert, it was a full-blown show. And the crowd in the pit was just as amped up as the band was.

They started their set with “Gonzo”, the single off of their newest album with the same title. Starting out with their most recent hit got everyone’s attention right off the bat, and they kept the show going with energized hits from their 2014 album.

As they concluded that set, they

announced that it was just an intermission. And sure enough, Foxy swarmed the stage once again, with new outfits and whole new vibe, throwing the audience back to their last album “The Church of Rock and Roll” with


like “The Streets” and “I Like It”. But they took it even further back to their 2010 self-titled album with “Only

Way To My Heart” and “Bombs Away”, as well as songs off of their 2008 album “Introducing Foxy Shazam” like “Yes! Yes! Yes!”.

No one can say that this show lacked variety of any sorts.

Nally’s vocals were

right on key. They had accuracy, energy and passion — everything a vocalist should possess. Better yet, he was all about getting the audience involved by singing directly to them, talking to them between songs and plugging the city of Buffalo into his dialogue. Right on, Eric!

Even those who may not have been die-hard fans, or maybe had not heard their music before at all, were definitely entertained throughout Foxy’s performance in June at The Town Ballroom.

If given the chance to witness these guys live, it’s definitely worth the money.

By Kaitlyn Affuso