Review: A Great Big World’s “Is Anybody Out There?” Jan24


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Review: A Great Big World’s “Is Anybody Out There?”

It has a bit of a Ben Folds feel, stirred in with some punk rock. It’s the album played when things in life are at their worst, and it’s a prescribed dosage to sulk in the sadness but also to rise above it.

A Great Big World’s newest album, “Is Anybody Out There?” featuring the single “Say Something” with Christina Aguilera, offers a range of tracks to cater to either mood when it comes to getting through the worst of times.

Signed by Epic Records, the New York-based duo cialis dose recommandee – Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino – starts the album off with two upbeat tracks, “Rockstar” and “Land of Opportunity”, both delivering optimism when it comes to figuring out life in all its chaos.

It’s the third track, however, where the album really gets strong. “Already Home” dedicates itself to a significant other, the one that makes up his “half of the whole”. It’s of the complications in commitment and is the first track to be painful to relate to yet satisfying due to it being dead on.

“If only New York wasn’t so far away; I promise the city won’t get in our way,” Axel and Vaccarino sing, wishing to get through the difficulties in the long distance relationship. “When you’re scared and alone, just know that I’m already home.”

They give their listeners’ hearts a break with “I Really Want It”. With a vibe similar to that of The Format, A Great Big World emphasizes their belief in individualism in this track, as well as others, such as “Everyone is Gay”. It’s a humoristic way of embellishing the idea of living life to all it has to offer as well as tossing out the fear of being whom you really are.

The sulking only continues with “Say Something” (both the original version and the single featuring Aguilera), a song that is so painfully relative to a breakup that it just may sting a little. “You’re the one that I love, and I’m saying goodbye. So say something; I’m giving up on you…”

It’s that song you want to blast in your car and sing at the top of your lungs, but you know it will only result in a continuous sadness for an unknown amount of time afterward and maybe even a speeding ticket for not paying attention to the road. (Too specific, maybe?)

Similar to this vibe is the track “I Don’t Want To Love Somebody Else.” Self-explanatory, right?

But then there’s “You’ll Be Okay” and “Cheer Up!” and even “Shorty Don’t Wait”. Not only are these tracks just as relatable, but they may pick your spirits up a bit.

Best advice to take into consideration after buying this album: End your lonely night drive with one of the upbeat tracks, and keep the sulking to a minimum… “you’ll be okay.”

by Kaitlyn Affuso