Love and Receive Love

“I don’t want to rush this, but I have to call my wife, she’s been waiting all night,” says Circa Survive front man Anthony Green. These words may seem harsh, but they are spoken with the utmost compassion. If there is one thing that can be said about Anthony Green, it is that he loves his family and his fans.

Anthony has been playing music for years and has worked with various projects, either in front leading or behind the scenes helping with writing and recording. Groups he has worked with include Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyer, Jeer at Rome, and Saosin. The Sounds of Animals Fighting and Circa Survive are his most recent projects, along with his solo career.

“The first bands I was in were in high school, just to make friends and stuff,” Anthony says. “Saosin is definitely where I got the confidence to do this. Circa Survive could have never been a band if I didn’t go through that experience.”

To Green, being an entertainer is all about his creative expression. “I’m a poet first and foremost,” Anthony says. “I just love writing, before anything. Writing is intimate; it’s a selective genre of thinking. But, creation is creation, whether it is through music, painting, or writing. People have been making things since there were people— we just like making things.”

Green’s favorite creation is unquestionably his son, James Junker Green. “Being a father is less pressure then everyone thinks,” Anthony says. “You just love and receive love; it’s the most beautiful experience ever.”

Because of his son, he has been writing more frequently, and creativity seems to come easier. “The most important aspect of being a parent is becoming a provider,” Anthony says. “Not just money either. You have to provide compassion, love, and knowledge.”

Compassion is not only given to his family, but also to various organizations that Anthony supports, including Invisible Children, Music has Power, Music Therapy, and Women for Women.

“I think that people just genuinely like music,” Anthony says. “It makes them feel good. We like creating those moments for people as entertainers.”

Currently, Anthony is getting ready to embark on an excursion in Australia, where Circa Survive is joining the Soundwave Festival.

Anthony Green, through charity, heart, and creativity has shared his compassion with the world for the last decade. Hopefully his spark will continue to warm the hearts of his fans and his loving son. Perhaps it can be summed up best in his own words. “Enjoy love, contact, and vulnerability.”


By Nick Will