Job For A Cowboy’s “Demonocracy”

With the release of “Demonocracy” last week on Metal Blade Records, Job for a Cowboy has unleashed another maw-gnashing assault against the atrocities of the corporate American government, this time baring far more teeth.

Following suit after their 2011 release of the “Gloom” EP, the band has done wonders at stepping up their speed and ferocity since their earlier work. With guitarist Tony Sannicandro adding a lit bit more to the band’s grooves, some of the guitar parts here resonate and stick out much better than previous works— not only representing the sheer force of the attack but making sure that you won’t forget it. The guitar work on each track is glaringly singular, each small bridge and solo stick out and plunge into heart of their target. The solo in the first minute of “Manipulation Stream” is enough to drive most conniving corporate figureheads from reaching into our pockets, and the solo that follows soon after should banish those demonic bureaucrats.

Helming the production end of “Demonocracy” is Audio Hammer Studios and Jason Suecof, the same team that brought forth JFAC’s last onslaught, the “Gloom” EP last year. Matching the same ferocity, “Demonocracy” shines a bit on some of “Gloom’s” short comings. On “Gloom” things tended for me to hit almost trashy notes at times. Don’t get me wrong, the tracks on the EP were great, but “Demonocracy” rampant tracks have more of that grind-tinged Death Metal sound that we were slaughtered with on “Ruination” and came to expect from the band.

Demonstrating how much the band’s power of assault has grown outside its guitar work, front man and vocalist Jonny Davy’s guttural growls and piercing screams are especially potent on “Demonocracy”. Holding onto a lot of what had developed on “Ruination”, he has maintained the range of his infernal gospel and increased the rapid differentiation between high and low pitch.

The only thing that slows their march against global enslavement for me is the decrease in their ability to craft thought provoking lyrics. The subject matter hasn’t changed much since “Ruination,” albeit some creative references to national and global laws and infringements. Perhaps it’s a bit blasphemous, but I preferred the days when JFAC’s lyrics strayed from a normal, repetitive verse-chorus-verse layout and plunged into the more poetic on “Genesis” and “Ruination”.

That’s not to say that this album is stripped of creative writing; Davy still manages to paint vivid metaphors that show his detest for the American system. For instance on the opening track “Children of Deceit,” Davy screams: “A decease with a classified secret. Aiding the victim, but as a masked ally. Two ungodly prosecutions hinged by an infection playing devil’s advocate.”

Davy clearly voices his opinion against acts like SOPA and PIPA here and throughout the rest of the album he talks about police brutality, corporate greed, advocated racism and media bias through finely crafted and often brutal, violent, or revealing metaphors.

Although lyrically this is not my favorite assault against the corrupt system that we live in, I still think that the guitar work and constant brutal assault through all nine, unique tracks makes “Demonocracy” stand triumphantly in Job for a Cowboy’s discography. Not only is it a great addition to any death metal collection, it makes most of the other death metal album’s I’ve heard this year pale in comparison.


“Demonocracy” Track Listing:

1.)    Children of Deceit
2.)    Nourishment Through Bloodshed
3.)    Imperium Wolves
4.)    Tongueless and Bound
5.)    Black Discharge
6.)    The Manipulation Stream
7.)    The Deity Misconception
8.)    Fearmonger
9.)    Tarnished Gluttony


By Nick Will