Interview: Vacationer

From the moment the alarm clock screeches to the last ounce of resistance your eyelids have fighting to stay awake, we are surrounded by an overwhelming presence of technology, traffic, and buzzing bright lights. If you are like the majority of folks your head is buried in your cellphone any chance you get, living vicariously through social media. We have a constant itch to feel connected. However, when it comes to figuring out what we should be connected to, we seem misguided. When was the last time you stopped and watched the sun rise or set? Listened to the birds chattering back and forth? Or actually felt the rain or the warming sun on your skin? Maybe that’s what we’re missing in our day-to-day life. A calm, a reset.

Meet your new travel guide and engineers of escapism, Vacationer. This electronic pop 4-piece out of Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY is sure to let your mind slip into an adventure without even having to leave your couch. The band consists of Kenny Vasoli (bass/vocals), Matthew Young (vibraphone/backing vocals), Ryan Zimmaro (drums), Michael Mullin (keyboards/backing vocals) and Greg Altman (guitar/backing vocals). With a soundscape full of “simple, clean ingredients” layered with eccentric, tropical sounds, Vacationer has stepped off the beaten path and wandered into a genre all their own. A truly refreshing, feel good sound.

Vasoli (formerly of pop-punk band The Starting Line) started this new project out anonymously in hopes of preventing “past life fans” from forming any preconceived notions about a band with his name plastered all over it. He admits the genre change can be “a hard pill to swallow” for die hard TSL fans but was hoping his anonymity would help people to go into it with an open mind. “I just wanted to be able to keep acting my age and try something completely new.”

Since their 2012 debut release “Gone” Vacationer has stayed busy on the road spreading their good vibes and escapism. Fast forward two years later, with nearly a year off writing, the band is scheduled to release “Relief” – their second full length with Downtown Records available June 24th. Working with Matt and Grant from Body Language, Vasoli and the other members of Vacationer have collaborated to bring us yet another headphone trip.

Sonically, “Relief” will parallel “Gone” while incorporating the live feel of the band, and some deeper sounds to give the record more depth. This time around listeners can expect more energy on the record. After taking cues from the audience at their live shows, Vacationer has made a conscious effort to bring that same energy to the record by adding the band to the recording process. And as if the music didn’t already paint a colorful picture in your head, they’ve taken cues from classical soundtrack composers like Martin Denny and Percy Faith to add an even more whimsical, cinematic sound to this record.

Vacationer has an energy and spirit all its own. Vasoli says that “it’s supposed to be a reminder to relax and enjoy life.” He is humble in acknowledging that they realize how fortunate they are for the life they live and not everyone is that lucky. Their goal is to offer up any sort of relief to anyone they can. There are three things in life that are important to him that the he wants the music to portray: love, relaxation, and exploration. Love being the “purest form of euphoria” and something everybody wants; relaxation which is something that everyone needs to be reminded of; and exploration — which Vasoli admits isn’t for everyone — but the music surely will take you on a journey, and provide the escape that we often need to be reminded of.

Check out “In acheter cialis generique The Grass” off of Relief by Vacationer:

By Shawn VanBrocklin