Interview: Daisy from Foxy Shazam Jun24


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Interview: Daisy from Foxy Shazam

Gaining Ground Media’s own Kaitlyn Affuso got to speak with Daisy from Foxy Shazam about their surprise release “Gonzo” and their inspirations.

GGM: You’re going Gonzo, huh? Why? What is the “gonzo” that inspired this album?

Daisy: We’re going GON50 because life is inherently GON50, and we have surrendered
to living it to the fullest for better or worse. Thus, the inspiration is
life itself, to answer the second question.

GGM: Aside from the direct inspiration, what do you think sets “Gonzo” apart
from the past albums, especially from your last album, “The Church of Rock
and Roll”?

Daisy: I think the biggest difference between the two albums is that there are

songs on each of them.

GGM: Alright, guys, favorite son and why?

Daisy: The parenting books tell you that that you’re not supposed to pick a
favorite and you’re a bad parent if


do. Are you trying to tear my family

GGM: What was the biggest struggle in writing/recording this album? What was
the easiest aspect of its making?

Daisy: The biggest struggle was being true to ourselves creatively no matter what
the cost. It was also the easiest part, once we got past how hard it was.

GGM: In comparison to Foxy’s past work, where do you rank this album?

Daisy: I think you should go back to that answer about having favorite kids. If
there was a parenting book for bands, they would tell you the same thing
about albums.

GGM: You guys assembled the band back in ’04… do you find that you’re
stringing along the same fan-base from day 1, while adding new fans along
the way? Or do you think, in recent years, you’ve created a whole new

Daisy: I think we’ve retained most of the fans we had at the beginning and added
new ones. I generally see familiar faces year after

year in addition to the
new ones. They feel like family after a while.

It’s a nice feeling.

GGM: What bands do you find inspiration in? Who/what has helped you guys form
the band into what it is today?

Daisy: Our tour mates Larry and His Flask had their van stolen with all their gear
and belongings inside. They were back in action within 48 hours with smiles
on their faces. it was insane and a total inspiration how deft they were in
handling that situation. That inspired us greatly.

Watch Foxy Shazam’s newest video “Tragic Thrill:
Catch Foxy Shazam and Larry and His Flask on tour:

Jun 25 Buffalo, NY Town Ballroom

Jun 27 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop

Jun 28 Columbus, OH Newport

Music Hall

July 12 Cincinnati, OH Bunbury Music Festival

Jul 26 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall

Jul 28 Phoenix, AZ Crescent Ballroom

Jul 29 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern

Jul 31 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre

Aug 1 San Francisco, CA Slim’s

Aug 2 Sacramento, CA The Assembly

Aug 5 Spokane, WA The Hop

Aug 7 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre

Aug 8 Seattle, WA Neumos

Aug 9 Vancouver, BC Venue

Aug 11 Boise, ID Neurolux

Aug 12 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue

Aug 14 Sioux Falls, SD Orpheum Theater

Aug 15 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater

Aug 16 Davenport, IA River Roots Live Festival @ LeClaire Park