Interview: Brian Marquis of The Vans Acoustic Basement Tour

Main Street in Buffalo lures in a vast array of people, holding something cialis quotidien to cater to anyone’s interest, and this past Thursday, Record Theatre sang out to music-lovers.

CD’s, vinyls and posters plaster the walls, signs advertising local events and shows paint the bulletin boards, and an assortment of music rest in the aisles of shelving throughout the store. Genres range from current hit sensations, such as Macklemore and the more “underground artists” like Bon Iver, and reach all the way back to musicians like Johnny Cash, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Different people from the streets skitter in from the snowy, cold Buffalo evening, all flipping through the alphabetized music as they make their way to the back of the store.

Vans Warped Acoustic Basement Tour took over Record Theatre on Main Street, with Transit headlining, and Hit The Lights, Front Porch Step and Brian Marquis, former guitarist and vocalist of Therefore I Am, opening.

Despite being the opener bands, they did not go unheard. The crowd, zig-zagged through aisles of CDs and records, had their hands in the air as they sang along to almost every song of Front Porch Step, and swayed back and forth to the guitar and harmonica melodies of Brian Marquis.

Marquis said his solo project is only the start to new things to come for him in his lifetime of music. Having been in the band Therefore I Am for almost four years, he appreciated working in a group, but wanted to do some further exploring.

“Towards the end of the band, I felt as if I needed to have another creative outlet that was all my own,” Marquis said. “Being in a band is great, but sometimes you need something that is all under your control: musically and decision-wise.”

He said while the democracy that comes with being a member of a band can be great, a solo project allows for complete independence, which is what he wanted to achieve.

While working on his solo project, Marquis collaborated with Vans Warped Tour and created the Acoustic Basement Stage in 2012, which was a fulfillment of one of his personal goals – filling in his free time with more music-related jobs, rather than “crappy part-time jobs.” While

the stage is going into its third year come this summer, the entire tour just began last year, making this its second annual.

“The music industry has changed quite a bit, in my lifetime especially, and I think the fact that I”m still doing it and still happy doing it, helps me realize that this is what I really need to be doing,” he said.

With that, he finds truth in the ever-growing role of social media, when it comes to promoting and sharing music. Audio Tree, a Chicago-baded music company,

well known for their concert series Audio Tree Live, worked with Warped Tour on the video and audio recording. What made the product so successful is how they were always conscious of intertwining their love for music into their work.

“It really is nice to have people that are passionate about what they’re doing and passionate about really high-quality content, and I think Audio Tree is achieving that,” Marquis expressed.

As more artists and companies, such as Audio Tree, collaborate, Marquis can only hope for the tour to progress.

“We’re looking to branch it (Acoustic Basement Tour) out, do some tours, maybe go international,” he said. “…so far so good.”


By Kaitlyn Affuso