Interview: Anarbor at Warped Tour

This year being their second full Warped Tour, the best part for this band remains the same: the fans. It arises opportunity to meet a whole array of people – metal, dance and punk – all bands and fans that Anarbor would never usually tour with.

Their performance on the Domo Stage was loyal to their new and old fans, playing back to their earlier albums, as well as pulling from their newest “Burnout,” which was released June 4th.

Slade Echeverria, the lead singer and bassist, said the tour consists of a lot of late nights, rock music and drinking. Sounds like an ultimate dream, right?

“We’re just trying to put on a rock show,” Echeverria said about the band, saying they wouldn’t even be there if it weren’t for their fans. “It’s super organic. We don’t use any tracks. It’s all us, ya know? And we take pride in that, so we just want to come off as the rock band that we are.”

Aside from the dedicated fans who show their support at their performances and signings, Echeverria’s other favorite part was in Toronto the following day. Being from Phoenix and hardly getting any rain, he said that the washout weather was beyond just refreshing, he also loved it.

“It was pouring during our set, and it was so cool,” he said through a smile.

Warped Tour is significant to him because of the demographic that keeps it alive due to their love of music.

“Dude, it’s (Warped Tour) intense,” he said. “You’re sitting out in the sun all day, and not everyone wants to do that to see their favorite bands.”

Not only has he enjoyed meeting fans, but has listened in on a few other bands, some favorites being Reel Big Fish, who he said are “always rad” and Bring Me The Horizon who he feels is “killing it so far” this tour.

Looking forward to California tour dates, that being the band’s “hot spot” as he called it, Anarbor continues to showcase both their new and old songs, catering to all audience members.

“Burnout” is different but the same, Echeverria claims, saying it’s different music by the same style that fans love is there.

The newest album focuses on how growing up can really suck, but they push for people to embrace their individuality and not care what others think of them.

“We’re still the same band, just writing different songs.”


by Kaitlyn Afusso