Show Review: fun. at CMAC in Rochester, New York

The Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center (most commonly known as CMAC) had no problem filling the seats for double Grammy-winning and recently VMA-nominated Fun. The group is in the middle of headlining the Most Nights tour, supported by the identical twin sisters of indie rock, Tegan and Sara.

The indie pop/rock trio consists of founding members Nate Ruess on vocals, Andrew Dost on keys, and Jack Antonoff on guitar.  On this particular tour, they were accompanied by Emily Moore on guitar and keys, Nate Harold on bass, and Will Noon on drums.  Together, the six of them opened their set upon a riser cornered on the stage by starting with their second single, “Some Nights”.

Taking breaks throughout their performance to interact with the audience, the band eluded to previous times that they had come through the area on a tour.  Antonoff admitted that he once believed that the local Water Street Music Hall was the biggest venue in the world.  Ruess insisted that one day he’d love to even live in Rochester.

The band seemed like only a small part of this enormous venue but their presence was felt throughout the entirety of it. The lights flashed from the stage through the seats, and then up into the massive lawn seating. Ruess’s smile spread throughout crowd contagiously. At one point during the performance he started holding notes against the crowd seeing who could hold notes longer. After realizing this was a battle he could not win; he said, “If you can’t beat em join em.” Without skipping a beat the band and crowd became one and sang in harmony.

When “We Are Young” starts echoing throughout the stadium, the crowd rushes the stage. Antonoff makes it a point to allow everyone past security and into the pit right up next to the stage, exceptionally making a massive stadium show seem like a small intimate rock club.

Although the band played everything that you would expect from an album as wildly popular as Some Nights, they evened it out with quite a few tracks off of their debut album Aim and Ignite, such as “Barlights”.  Pulling a surprise from out of their sleeves, Fun. performed a bombshell cover of The Rolling Stones classic, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. By the end of the night, Fun. had been successful in proving that they know how to successfully cater to an especially wide audience: families, the young, the not-as-young, lovers, listeners, and acquaintances alike.


Fun. Some Nights Music Video: