Editor’s Note

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful friendship! (we hope!) To start things off, we want to welcome all of you to the site in its infancy! This project has been in production for over a year now, and with the addition of some beautiful staff we can finally start sharing art and music with the rest of the world. During our journey, Chris Ballard from Syracuse, NY and Kevin Hinman from New York City have joined our writing branch, and Nick Machia from Syracuse, NY has designed this lovely page for us. We also recently teamed up with Ryan Wapner from AnEmergencyScene in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

We have met some interesting people over the last year including; Anthony Green, John Sherman and David Sullivan from Red Fang, Jimmy Stadt and Erik “Goose” Henning from Polar Bear Club, Koji, Kevin Devine, and Dan Schwartz from Good Old War to name a few. All of these guys will be appearing in this month’s releases, and we look forward to sharing these and more with you!

A special thanks needs to go out to all our family and friends who’ve supported this. We also would like to give a big thanks to The Westcott Theater, Upstate Shows, Higher Ground, and Eric Binion¬† for helping us out over the last year and for keeping the North-East’s music scene alive.

We’re dedicating this month to Scott Dombert, a friend we lost over last summer. We hope that you can see this, where ever you are.


Thanks and keep in touch,


-Dustin and Nick