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Creative Arts

The Aftermath of Enlightenment

Jun 20, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

I wish I had written every thought scribbled every note and scrawled every idea of everything I’ve ever been I would give anything to paint every intimate joy and to photograph every distant pain, so I could take it all in And I wish I had a map that could show it all clearly, how [...]


Jun 18, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

Flowers blossom like Chinese paper lanterns. They are what make the water sparkle at night. Fish shimmer beneath the surface, green or orange or frothy white. You reach into the summer sea trying to scoop up glittering light.  

Black Ink

Jun 13, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

Nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever best the splendor of the human body. Look at the skyline on its inky canvas. Your ribs are the hills, your eyes are newborn stars burning blue, and your spine is the barely perceivable curvature of the earth. Your nails are splintering spring ice, and your skin in the crust [...]

The Heavy Truth of Ice and Snow

Jun 12, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

  Seated on my icy throne, I stare out between the blocks of my glacial fortress at my grandfather. Shovel in hand he throws thick sheets of white over his shoulder, clearing out the long hill that he called a driveway. Drifts build up tall, enclosing the stretch all the way from the outlet onto [...]

Neodymium Romantic

Jun 11, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

I wanted to show you The Fluorescent shoots growing out of the wood Falling upwards like millions of purple rain drops Converging into glassy stalagmite columns Under an ocean of darkness, I wanted to show you the glass forest born of dead wood and watch the royal hue mist around your eyes All of the [...]

Evening Snack

Jun 11, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

When the sky is Eating orange Sherbert ice cream, You can be sure With the confidence Of a spider, who Weaves its web In the evening rain, That it is the Reciprocal of dawn.  

Feigned Inamorata

Jun 7, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

I wear a comely desuetude of ephemeral bliss, It’s evanescent silk strung loosely together by labyrinthine language and languoring implications I Sway this garment softly along with the curves of my body, it’s evocative nature winning over the hearts of un-inured men time and time again to my fleeting affection I slip this adornment off [...]

Poor Kelly, Poor Me

Feb 20, 2012 in Writing | 3 comments

Kelly had never heard of food, and so she died. It was all quite sad, really. The paper ran a lengthy obituary, since it was a slow news day, and even printed some 8×10 glossy headshots Kelly had taken during her formative college years in which she expressed interest in modeling, acting, dancing, and burlesque. [...]


Feb 20, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

The rats were bad last night. But better the rats. Santina’s body, rotting under the June sun, reminded them all of that. The paper had it all wrong, of course. Some junkie looking to score a few bucks ran his mouth off to the daily rag and nothing but libel got put to ink. Santina [...]

Little Birdy

Feb 20, 2012 in Writing | 0 comments

Chirp, chirp, chirp! Said the boy in the hat, I don’t know why but he said it like that. With a snap of his fingers and a flick of his wrists, his back contorted and made a vile hiss. The popping of his back was pleasing, his life pooled at his feet unceasing. Crying, my [...]