Concert Review: Vamp Wknd’s Buffalo show catered to all fans

Vampire Weekend at Outer Harbor in Buffalo Monday night. Photos by Kaitlyn Affuso

People parked their cars all along Outer Harbor Drive in Buffalo, parading into the open lot on the water, where boats began to anchor and the drinks started to flow, all anticipating cialis generique last night’s entertainment.

With their opening act being The Cults, who sing “Go Outside” were a decent opening act, despite some dullness. It was a peaceful act to be listened to on a perfect day; however, it seemed as if only half of the band had their hearts into it. Rather, it looked like the bassist and one guitarist was literally about to fall asleep. But hey, maybe it was just a tough day…

Vampire Weekend made their entrance

with pounding rap music, the drop-down of a floral canvas background and a big mirror, which displayed different light shows throughout their set.

As a fan of Vamp Wknd from years back, it

was more exciting to hear songs from their past albums rather than just from their newest album “Modern Vampires of the City” that was released in May of 2013. That being said, when they rocked out their hit single “Diane Young” from the 2013 album, the crowd went nuts, and vibe from the stage to the audience was prime.

The second and third songs played were “White Sky” and “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” both off of older albums. Whether the songs they performed were new or old, the crowd was electric, and that’s what made it that much more fun — the crowd wasn’t filled with many band-wagoners. It was clear they were fans from the beginning, too.

Other songs they performed were “Campus,” “Oxford Comma,” “Giving Up The Gun,” and “Horchata,” with the whole crowd singing along to the oh’s and ah’s and the reoccurring lyrical line: “Here comes the feeling you thought you’d forgotten.”

Better yet, Ezra Koenig’s vocals and guitar riffs sounded as if they were straight off the track, but the band made room for some improvisation and instrumental solos. Rostam Batmanglij (guitarist, keyboardist, backup vocals), Chris Tomson (drummer) and Chris Baio (bassist, backup vocals) all had just as much energy and accuracy as Koenig. Listening to these guys play live created such nostalgia, splitting listeners in two, putting them in the past and the present all at once.