Album Review: Skrillex ‘Recess’ Apr09


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Album Review: Skrillex ‘Recess’

St. Patrick’s Day brought more than green beer this year, and we have Skrillex to thank for that.

Though “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” served as a classic guilty-pleasure album, with a lot of the tracks sounding really similar, such as the album-titled track and “First of the Year,” Skrillz revives himself and mixes up his dubstep on his new album “Recess,” each track having a mood of its own.

Starting off with “Fire Away” featuring Ragga Twins, it gives off a Reggae-vibe, and goes with today’s idea of running away from all you have for something new. “Fuck this place that we call home… take me with you when you go…” And instead of a

d-d-d-d-drop the bass moment, it curls into a chill beat, with high tones and an echoing of vocals. It’s dubstep serenity.

Then comes the track “Recess,” starting off with a street beat and chanting that lead us into a Jock Jams

throwback, introduced to the year 2014 and injected with bass drops. “Don’t let us stop…”

Each song has a good beat, no doubt. They even have more words than just “Call 911 now!” “Stranger” features KillaGraham and Sam Dew — definitely lulling lyrics and smooth tones.

“Dirty Vibe” is dance, plus dubstep, plus rap, and features Diplo, G-Dragon and CL.

Oh, that’s another thing, every song features another artist, mixing danceable beats to lyrics and stirring in a bass drop. It’s music you can work out to, dance to or daydream to.

What more could you want from Skrillex?

“Recess” is definitely an album that will be tuned into summer 2014. Reach out for it and lose yourself in it.


By Kaitlyn Affuso off of her personal blog: